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SLA and Portfolio Acquisition

We provide research and contact services to reach out to Developers where the Developer is prepared to Sell current Large Scale Solar & Battery sites/projects either:

a) prior to the project being completed; or

b) when the project is fully completed.


Typically, we find developers who are happy to sell their project prior to applying for planning permission or after they have achieved planning permission (or even if they have failed to achieve planning permission). Sometimes we may even find developers wanting to sell a fully developed project. This is often referred to as a Portfolio Acquisition. 

This appeals to Developers who would prefer to speed up their site acquisitions rather than incur the delay in finding and acquiring a site and the risk of achieving planning, let alone the overall frustration in obtaining grid capacity. 

We focus on target Developers who have decided to offload their projects early to obtain cash into their company sooner rather than later. 

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